…don’t you just love when your windows are open and perfect wafts of air circle through your home?  This time period is short in Pittsburgh.  Now, then spurts in Fall.  Soon stifling humidity will work its way through the house and we’ll seal the place up as though poisionous gas was threatening to invade.

So, okay, we ordered a kitchen island and it came today.  But, the delivery company will only move the three hundred pound thing to the end of the truck. 

“That’s a delivery, mam.  Who’s gonna help you haul this sucker in?”

“You,” I said.

“I’ll need a check for $160,” the delivery man said.  He growled and stretched his neck.

“You are a delivery man, right?”

“More like a driver.  Most of our stuff goes to business.  They have a dolly waiting for us, usually.”

“Who?  The other suburban mothers you deliver to?”

“Usually go to businesses, Mam.”

And so I forked over $59 to have him put it on the curb and $105 to have him bring it in the house.  What kind of nonsense IS this? 

I hate giving baths, but I still have to do it.

I hate preparing meals.  Gotta do it.

To top things off, they forgot to load the box with the hardware.  When are they bringing it?  They’ll get back to me. 

Really, the guy was nice.  He brought the think into my hallway.

These policies.  Do you suppose the suits who make this shit up sit around the table cackling like witches?  “Let’s see if we can take the delivery out of the delivery process…will the suckers bite?”  Three corporate morons rub their hands with glee.

One of my favorite readers Tony is going to label me “grumpy housewife” again after my last few posts…I’ll try to lighten up.

22 thoughts on “Spring…

  1. I had a bed delivered last year — the truck was very large, so although I’d paid for delivery I couldn’t have the boxes delivered to my house. The truck couldn’t get down my street.

    Instead, I arranged for him to get the boxes to my parents’ company, where there’s a full loading area and such, and then I borrowed a big SUV to haul the stuff myself to my house. The boxes weren’t even so very big! They should have sent a smaller truck.

    I’ve had furniture sent from catalogs before, but usually Crate and Barrel or Pottery Barn, companies that sell to consumers. The infamous bed came from Design Within Reach, which sells mostly to high-end consumers and professional designers — so you’d think they’d be extra nice to their customers.

    In the end, the bed has turned out to be totally worth it though. So comfy! So elegant!

    Also, because I never did see the delivery guy — he and I talked by phone, then he delivered to the shop and took off — I didn’t have to tip him. Ha ha!

  2. My hubs is good with stuff like that – he never orders anything unless the shipping and “handling” involves moving everything to the exact spot where we want it, completely put together, AND all packaging materials from the item is hauled out by them, too.

    Oh, by the way, just stopping by between naps on my vacation. =)

  3. I have great appreication for you lack of service experience. It has become common place these days.
    Let me know if you and Bill need help with your new island purchase.

  4. Cindy, that’s so funny…hopefully we’ll love the island as much as you enjoy the bed!

    Dana, I’m honored you would stop by on vacation!!! Hope you’re having a blast.

    Mimi, err, that has to be Tony. Six months pregnant Mimi couldn’t have just offerred to help with our three-ton island????

    Overall this is an example of my lack of housewifery skill. Actually lack of human common sense. It didn’t occur to me that when the monstrous thing was shipped that it might not be HANDLED??? The place we ordered it from has all price levels represented and doesn’t portray itself as working mostly with businesses, etc…or maybe it did and we find ourselves right back at lack of common sense. But really, even planning ahead, I’d have no one to help me with this mid-day. Who has hulking young men at their service mid-day? Okay, Britney Spears…but we all know that guy’s useless, in reality.

  5. This is Mimi now-
    heck- once you actually get the hardware, I can install it…afterall, 6 months pregnant and I am stenciling, painting, and otherwise remodeling the baby’s teenie tiny room.

  6. Ohhh, this burns me! Six years ago, when we moved into our current home, we had a new refrigerator delivered here on the same day we were moving in. The refrigerator — which was coming from Home Depot — was delivered while our “moving guys” were still here, unloading our stuff. It’s a good thing, too, because the Home Depot guys were only “allowed” to deliver the refrigerator to the curb — not to the inside of our house. We had no idea! Fortunately, our “moving guys” got the fridge for us and brought it into our kitchen.

    If they hadn’t been there, we would have had a double-sided refrigerator sitting in a box on the curb outside of our house. Now THAT would have been a fun situation!!

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