Jennifer Solow, The Booster

Hi everyone,

For those of you situating your summer reading stack, be sure to include Jennifer Solow’s book, The Booster.  I met her at one of her signings in Pittsburgh and she was very sweet.  She has the cutest flower stamp to go along with her signature…

Her writing is awesome.  Voice, unique.  Story, compelling.  Though The Booster is somewhat chick lit, it’s character driven and really puts you in the shoes (expensive stolen shoes) of a dark, haunted character who ultimately prevails and changes her life for the better.  Specifically, Jillian the main character is a chic Manhattan kleptomaniac who loses her job and becomes the star American booster in a dangerous South American shoplifting ring. 

Jennifer’s garnered great press as she was in People Magazine last week and the reviews in newspapers like The Boston Globe, have been fantastic.

It’s her debut book and I want to support her.  Help me help her!!!  Buy it at Amazon, the big boxes and independent bookstores near you!

You can read an excerpt on her website:

Click here to
read an excerpt of THE BOOSTER.


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