Romance Writers in search of publication…

check this site out…Anna Genoese is an editor at Tor.

I happened by Anna’s site and saw she was looking for paranormal romance. She asked not to copy and paste her request, so you have to go to her site.

For people like Jaye Wells…this seems a lot like what you write. If not, maybe the site itself or future postings could help!

5 thoughts on “Romance Writers in search of publication…

  1. Thanks for thinking of me, Kathie. I check out her blog sometimes. Unfortunately, I think she isn’t a fan of comedic paranormals. Her site is a great source for insider info though.

  2. If I don’t snag an agent with this round of queries, I think I might tout HINDSIGHT as an urban fantasy. It really is. A comedic urban fantasy. I’m just no good at defining all these little sub sub genres.

  3. Defining your book is hard, I think. Some people’s writing fits a category exactly. But most seems to cross over…Go with the urban fantasy thing, MG, Kristen Nelson says it’s the in thing…

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