Creepy Preachers…

Anyone in any religion has the same opportunity to go loco and create a spiritual situation that is anything but.

However, hands down, the religious phenomenon that has skeeved me most, is child preachers.

They look scary possessed, by anything but the Lord and worst of all they don’t understand the words they’re saying.  They’re just yelling shit out.  No doubt kids who land on the Today Show or Phil Donahue (the was the first show I ever saw with creepy kid preachers) have charisma and shades of an “it” factor that draws crowds, but they make me cringe.  I can’t be the only one.

Stop the madness. 

7 thoughts on “Creepy Preachers…

  1. This kid who was on the Today show was an “ordained” minister…this child happened to be black (the others I’ve seen have been white) and he was doing the exuberant preacher thing, getting the audience to praise the Lord, etc…I don’t know. There’s something wrong with citing scripture as though you know what you’re saying but you’re merely repeating words with gusto…this kid was 6. Maybe it’s harmless, but it seems creepy to me. I guess if they talked like kids and were doing the preacher routine, I’d buy it, but when they sound like adults…There are worse things they could be emulating…I’m not anti-religion. Just anti-kids parading as adults…

  2. Ick. I remember that kid, holding the bible to his face and screaming, calling people whoremongers. Starts to cross the threshold of abuse if you ask me.

    In general, I hate to see kids as forced facsimiles of adults. Like the Ramsey girl in Colorado that was paraded around in those kiddie pageants. Just seems creepy and strange.

    I was in a program for gifted kids growing up. We weren’t geniuses by any means, just a little more creative or precocious than other kids. But one kid in particular had a demanding father that was literally drilling calculus into this kid’s head in the 6th grade. Just driving this kid obsessively to excel. He was the one kid that left early in the 9th grade and went to the University of Washington. But he had this sad, desperate look when he told us he was leaving his childhood. He didn’t want to go. It was obvious to everyone but his father who was smug and proud.

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