He shot the finger…

…Jake did.


Bill thinks so.

I caught a glimpse of the hand thrusting upward.  There were fingers involved in the movement, but I don’t think Jake has any clue what he did.

The gesture fit the context–Jake’s response to Bill scolding him.

And I believe he’d drop a swear word.

But four years old, flipping the bird.  I can’t even imagine where he saw that.

I know where he hears swears…but this a really advanced mode of communication–That’s not right.  I don’t mean sophisticated, but even in this world where anything goes, you don’t see people operating this way very often.  I’d think you’d have to be exposed to this a few times before incorporating it into your communication tool-box.

The jury’s out on this one.

4 thoughts on “He shot the finger…

  1. M.G.
    That’s so funny. So far they’ve been good about keeping a lid on swear words…not they hear them at home. I know for sure we aren’t walking around flipping each other off.

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