Freaky Friday…

Him: How much weight you lose, huh?

Her: 67.2 pounds

Him: (running hand through his hair) Man, you must’ve been hulkin’ fat.

Her: (nodding, eyes wide.  no comment)

Overheard in Giant Eagle–Oakmont, PA

Okay, give me something my fellow bloggers.

9 thoughts on “Freaky Friday…

  1. Critique Group Meeting-Plotting Session

    CP#1: So what should my middle turning point be?
    CP#2: Sex!
    Group laughs
    Cp#2: Seriously. The plot should always turn on the penis.

  2. Overheard Wednesday, on PBS Kids:

    Wendy: You’re sitting on Bob’s wood, Mr. Crab!

    (it’s all about the penis for Jaye and me, apparently…)

  3. Starbucks, 11:15am.

    Gorgeous chick flirting with Coffee Guy: I swear I have to eat all the junk food I can just to keep weight on my body.

    Me: Rolls eyes and plans slow death for donut-eating ho

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