There’s an interesting comment thread at the cafe today…I guess this is some type of spamming thing.  Some entertaining places for everyone to visit if you’re bored enough. 

Five things I have to do:

1.  give myself an injection tonight.  Big needle.  Suck ass side effects.  Hopefully results in never having to use a wheel chair.  It better.

2.  meet with a friend of mine to go over the coding of her dissertation data.

3.  exercise.

4.  eat more veggies per Maura’s advice below.

5.  get out of my grumpy ass mood.

How about you?

9 thoughts on “WTH???

  1. 1. Hire a part-time babysitter. Someone clued me in to the University career service website, I posted a help wanted ad and have received 6 e-mails since 8 am today. All look very qualified. *rubs hands together gleefully*

    2. Laundry.

    3. Taxes.

    4. Wax my eyebrows.

  2. Hi all! I’m Kathie’s web admin/goddess. (I made up the goddess part — but who else would do it for me?)

    Kathie, I’m sorry you got hit by a couple of spam-bots. I deleted the offending comments. When we get together I’ll show you how to do that yourself. It’s easy. And maybe we can add some tools to prevent them coming back. But for now, at least they’re gone.

    My list:

    1. Get back to exercising/stop eating crappy food. I have puffed out like the Sta-Puft marshmallow man. Not a good look for a goddess (except maybe a marshmallow goddess). I have done a little better at following Maura’s advice, but there’s still lots of room for improvement.

    2. Finish organizing last year’s receipts so I can do my taxes.

    3. Do my taxes. Sigh.

    4. Replace the lightbulb over my sink.

    5. Network more in Butler to gain some new local clients. (Know anyone who needs a website?)

  3. Taxes? I forgot taxes. Our super fantastic tax man called to say, “Yinz guys comin’ in soon? We gotta git on this…” I suppose we we’ll have to.

    Cindy, don’t worry about the spammers…it made me laugh and I figure it counts on my sitemeter, no? I too have incorporated Maura’s hints, but not in a full-fledged sense. I’m thinking of doing my own personal boot camp…I don’t know what that means. I’m sure your goddess status, which you do deserve, is uneffected by any bloating, real or imagined.

    oh, yeah, we have two lightbulbs that need to be replaced. Who will do it? Me? Bill? Jake? Beth? If we asked, Beth would agree to try.

    Hurray for the babysitter interviews…keep us updated. The waxing sounds…well, funny.

  4. 1. Play basketball tonight. I have a D-league game. We suck.

    2. Record American Idol. See above.

    3. Post something new to my blog. I’ve been a delinquent all week.

    4. Wash the blood out of my clown suit. (Just seeing if you were paying attention).

    5. Help my son build a doorbell for an extra-credit science assignment. Really. A doorbell. How boring is that?

  5. You caught me sleeping, Jamie, I admit it…the old blood in the clown costume wake up call…have fun at basketball. That’s all the counts, right?

    Cindy, I’ll do a post for your services…love what you’ve done…most importantly you’re always there when I panic and scream like a diva…”My site is doooowwwwnnnn!!! What do I doooooo???”

  6. 1. Gear up for the Extreme Potty Challenge next week. The spawn’s preschool spring break is going to be a toilet traning boot camp. I am doing lots of breathing exercises and loading up on wine for the evenings.

    2. Work on my my new story.

    3. Rewrite my synopsis for my last book so I can send out a new batch of agent queries.

    I am not sure which I am dreading more, the potty training or the synopsis.

  7. FIVE things to do today? Would you take 5 things I have to do this WEEK? My brain hasn’t been functioning, so I do things by the week…

    1. Bite nails over who’s going home on AI.
    2. Bug hubs to get taxes started.
    3. Eat one less donut and drink one less can of soda.
    4. Take a walk to the park for fresh air.
    5. Send out more queries…

  8. Jaye…potty training? UHHGGGHHH…stressful, to be sure. Hopefully you’ll get it knocked out in a week.

    Dana, I’m with you on AI, though until we’re down to 12 I’m not so invested. I love the beginning, and the top 12, but like this part the least. Who is your fav. so far?

  9. Kathie,

    I really have been disappointed with Seasons 3 & 4… but this season has been fun to watch again.

    I REALLY like Taylor Hicks. I also like a lot of the teenagers. I think it’s the teens’ to lose this year.

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