Great TV…

An oxymoron?


Sopranos is coming back.  There’s something so disturbing about the hair in that show, that I can not look away.

Unless said person with hair like a helmet is beating someone with blunt instruments. 

I have my limits.

I’m looking forward to the polygamy show that starts in March, too.  Will it be a disturbing so I can’t avert my attention kind of show?  Or disturbing so I can’t bear to watch?  Hopefully, its just funny.

Grey’s Anatomy.

Everytime I write that name, I forget if it’s Gray’s or Grey’s…so forgive.  One of those mind-blank deals.

But I hated the idea that Meredith slept with George.  Until the end.  I thought it was creative and in line with Mer’s lunacy.

I didn’t buy that she’d sleep with him.

I love George with that hot mama doctor who re-located (made up that medical term myself) his shoulder.

I detest Izzy with heart transplant guy…again, makes no sense.


8 thoughts on “Great TV…

  1. I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy. I am kind of lost on all the nuances of the show, but it’s entertaining. Of course some of that entertainment isme yelling at the people on the screen. Loved the story line about the poison oak. Yet another reason not to gocmaping…or cheat on your hubby. Karma’s a biotch.

  2. Aside: I just saw that MJ Rose is offering her Buzz Your Book Class soon. You get a 45-minute brainstorming session with her on the phone and a bunch of other good stuff. The problem? $579! Looks like I’ll have to sell a couple books before I’m ready to take on that.

  3. You read my mind on Grey/Gray (spelling problem included). I loved the Meredith turn-of-events, because I don’t particularly like her and it’s good that they’ve made her a little psychotic. And Yes! The Izzy thing? Who the hell flirts like that? Shit, she’s an underwear model – is she not used to guys falling all over her? I totally understood when that other failed-his-boards-guy wanted to give him the electro-shocks…
    And so far the hottest romance (aside from Sandrah Oh and that Washington guy, of course – so HOT), is definitely George and the realistically-proportioned shoulder doc. Whew! I just wore myself out…
    Jaye, I want to sit with you and yell at the screen to. I’m usually hopping up and down in quiet excitement as children are sleeping all around me.

  4. I just saw this documentary thing on the Learning Channel on polygamy. I dunno, but that really BUGGED me. I don’t think I could watch a whole show on it…maybe if it was a comedy, but the documentary really bothered me, I think I got sick from watching it.

  5. Hi guys, I agree, watching Grey’s anatomy with you guys would be a blast! George with the doctor was an instant likability injection. Simply because he’d no longer be pining over the pain in the ass Meredith…

    Dana, the jury’s out on this show for sure…I’ll let you know if you’re not in the mood for that.

  6. I’m looking forward to the polygamy show too, since I’m from Utah. In the very small town I grew up in there were polygamists living nearby. Not like those retards you see on the news, marrying their own 12 year old nieces and the daughters of their 7th wives…but people that were quiet and had a zillion loud children. They left you alone, you left them alone.

  7. Hey Becky, this is great, a real life polygamist bull-shit detector. I’ll be checking in with you to see what’s legit in this show. I can be very gullible and literal sometimes…

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