Books that Stink…

…  Can you think of any?

I’m very easy on books.  There are certain kinds I love to read–mystery, chick lit, women’s lit, thriller (the Patterson murder type books that I think are categorized as thriller), and classics.

Very few books I’ve picked up have been unreadable to me.  I don’t love every book, but I’m always surprised when I see on blogs that people are slaying this book or that because they think it’s so poorly written or beneath them or whatever. 

I may not like Mary Higgins Clark books, but think of what she’s done…enough people think she’s good that she’s become some sort of incorporated thingy that’s practically alive itself.  I would kill to have what she does.

Chick Lit as a category is viewed as less than…Do I care?  No, buy my book and let me live as a writer, for the love of God, please let that happen.

Don’t get me wrong, in talking with friends I’ve said, “My books better than THAT book.”  And my friends supportively tell me my book’s great compared to THIS sucky thing….But I don’t think I’d put it in print.  It feels too sour grapes because the bottom line is, no matter how smelly I think someone else’s book is, theirs is published mine isn’t…YET–I have to send out positive energy.

Then there was the Nicole Richie thing…I was negative about that. More for her attitude toward it…as though she had to be forced to write something she didn’t want to…that’s bothersome, but not the case with most writers.

On that note, I’m totally obsessed with my book as its making rounds at publishers.  I imagine it in the hands of some editor, her laughing her ass off as she falls in love with it…

Then I imagine that might not happen.  That’s the thought I wish I could banish from my mind.  The most I contact my agent is once a month for updates…but it’s with great restraint that I don’t email once a week…there’s a reason agents suggest authors keep their distance. 

I’m not so distracted that I can’t write.  I’ve written two books since starting the agent search process and just started another this month.  But, I’m not very good at waiting.  I’m trying to see the good in the wait.  It has to be there.

So now I’ve made my case as the anti-book-snob snob, like anytime you say something negative about a book, I’d be there calling you an ass.  That’s not what I mean…Just that sometimes the bashing goes too far.  And its depressing.

PS, sorry for the wrong use of it’s and its…I have mind blank when it comes to its usage…I know the rule, but I still use it wrong…

4 thoughts on “Books that Stink…

  1. As I read your post I was listing in my head the books I think are crap, then I realized you’re right. Every book published has at least three people that really liked it enough to spend a bunch of money publishing it. So I can say a book is not my taste, but calling a book Bad is too much.

    HOWEVER, with all that said, I am not impressed with the recent trend of movie stars becoming childrens’ books authors. There are some really bad examples of that genre, and I can say that definitively because I know the target audience well and I’ve seen their eyes glaze over in boredom at Madonna’s book(s?).

  2. Good points, Kathie. I think there is way too much negative energy among writer bloggers. Some of it is shared misery and that can be comforting. But really why are we all so down on people trying to do the same things we’re doing? I do have trouble getting through some books and have even given up on some. But we all have to remember that readers’ tastes vary greatly. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it can’t be the greatest book in the world to someone else.

  3. That’s all I’m saying, Jaye. I agree it’s comforting to know people have the same publishing struggles, but when people start saying things like, “If you can write _____ number of books a year,” you must be writing in ______ crappy genre,” I want to puke…But I don’t mean to suggest everyone should force themselves to like everything or finish a book that’s unreadable to that person. It’s the generalizations that are rough, in my opinion…

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