Steel Magnolias and Oscars

I flipped back and forth between the two, accomplishing nothing in the way of writing.

I love Steel Magnolias…there’re about five lines in it that practically make me burst into tears.  Then I saw Reese Witherspoon win the Oscar…she was so excited.  She said, when June Carter Cash was asked how she was doing, she’d say “I’m just trying to matter.” 

Who isn’t?  What a great response to an every day question.

2 thoughts on “Steel Magnolias and Oscars

  1. Yes, that was a great acceptance speech. I can’t stand speeches that just lists a million names you don’t know in thank you’s. I appreciate a speech that actually tells you something about the person who won it and the piece of work they did to win it.

    As for Steel Magnolias, one of my fav films that I have on VHS…so I just flipped back and forth between the oscars and editing during commercials!

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