Books that Stink–Part Deux

This thread at Miss Snark’s illustrates, to some degree, the point of my post yesterday.  So many freaking grumpy writers.  Perhaps I forget they’re people, that they might be bitter and critical in every avenue of their lives.  Where is the humanity???  Why are people so negative and critical of other people’s work–The genre they write.  As though one is so much better. 

I’ve never understood people like this in any field I’ve worked in.  You help others along…celebrate their work.  I don’t get it.

Now I’m a grumpy writer.  Bitching about everyone else. 

At least we’ll have Grey’s Anatomy to deal with tonight.  And the Oscars.

There’s that.

7 thoughts on “Books that Stink–Part Deux

  1. I think it’s frustrating at times to see certain things that are published out there. The Bunions and I were just chatting about too much sex and profanity in books and movies that we have to screen everything before letting our kids look at it. So in that sense, I can understand the grumblings and the complaints. And it’s frustrating as hell when you read a piece that is basically good, but has tons of mispellings and grammar mistakes – it’s like, did no one even LOOK at this before okaying it for print?

    But yeah, for the most part, I believe in positive energy and encouragement. I know I need it!

  2. Hey Dana,
    I agree about the kid stuff and also the grammar issues in writing. But people seem to decide which genres (correct plural?) are worthy and which aren’t and then generalize about the quality and what certain works mean to the world. If you happen to write something that changes the world vs entertains it, then great. But to think your starting off at some level above others is snobbery and nothing more…I know that’s what you meant. I just got pissed all the negativity. I don’t think you’d find an author out there who doesn’t think their stuff is as good or better than what’s out there, but the tone is bad sometimes and that’s not good for selling books, in my opinion.

    ARRRGGHHH! I’m not even making sense anymore…thanks for weighing in Dana.

  3. I agree completely Kathie. And in fact, that attitude is such a huge hurdle when I’ve not even finished a short story I’ve been working on for all of infinity.

  4. I have to admit that all the genre bashing and general snarkiness I see on the web especially is disheartening. It’s hard sometimes to sit down to write when I think about all the crap that gets said about published authors. I ask myself if I really want to through myself into those shark-infested waters. But I figure this is all a big life lesson. We should all do what we love and worry a lot less about what others think of us. Plus I think people who make a name for themselves using negativity are remembered for that.

  5. Oh, I know what you mean about the negativity. It’s easy to get all wrapped up in it, especially if you’re surrounded by it.

    I think we live in a world of comparisons; which can become a very unhealthy obsession if you’re not confident in yourself enough to be able to encourage and support those who struggle for the very same things as yourself!

    That’s why I HATE the medal counts during the Olympics. I HATE it when they have to tally up how many medals each country has won. I mean, it’s SO juvenile. And I HATE it even more when amazing athletes who win the silver or bronze get treated as having ‘failed’ for not getting the gold. It’s hair-pulling!

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