Shot down in a blaze of glory…

anyone know what song that’s from?

Don’t know?  Well, if VH1 was tailing me during March Madness, that’d be the song they’d play.

That’s right thanks to Bob Smizik…Jackass, clearly not in the loop about how NOT to jinx the home team…okay.  I’ll settle down.  Pitt is out.  I’m bummed.  Life goes on. 

Sigh.  Now what?

Little Freak.

That’s what some kid at soccer is calling Jake.  Jake thinks this is a term of endearment.  I spent six hours grilling Jake on the tone of voice, facial expressions and general body language of the boy who calls him this.

Dear God, let Jake’s soul be made of teflon.  As far as I’m concerned, Little Freak now means, Awesome Kid.

Yikes sometimes life is rough, huh?

6 thoughts on “Shot down in a blaze of glory…

  1. Is this kid 4 years old??? Seems a little odd doesn’t it? I’d be grilling Jack and making sure he was okay, etc. etc… my husband would be telling him to call the kid a no skill little freak or some such thing. He would probably handle that better than I.

  2. Uh oh. I actually call my son that. For us it’s definitely a term of endearment. We also call him Stink and Stinker Butt. Now I”m paranoid he’s going to call some kid at preschool that.

    BTW, Bon Jovi from the Young Guns movie. Thanks, Kathie, now I’ll have that in my head all night.

  3. I know, that song will never leave your conciousness fully…
    Anything can be a T.O.E. said by the right person in the right way and as far as Jake’s concerned this is a good thing. At this point I’m not going to tell him different…what a minefield! Who knows, maybe the kid (who’s three years older) means it nicely…denial.

  4. I too hope the nickname is meant as a goofy “moniker of endearment.” Ah, so many things I’ve forgotten about childhood.

    (Now I’ve got that song in my head, too!)

  5. Actually, thanks for the Bon Jovi. It’s better than Teletubbies.

    I get so Mama Bear when older kids are mean. It’s still sad, even if Jake thinks it’s cool, isn’t it? I’d be tempted to confront the kid, with Jake out of earshot, and give him a what-for.

  6. Hey, that was my fave song when the movie came out. And you gtta love Bon Jovi’s hair.

    As to that horrible term. I hope that kid eats his own bugger and gets and itchy butt syndrome the next time he’s in gym. What a MEANIE!

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