My Goodness, this damn tournament…

And I have nothing on the line.  Yet, I’m cringing and getting nauseated with every score that comes in. 

As though thousands of dollars and several lives are on the line, I’m completely put out by the state of my brackets.

I shudder to think of who I’d be if I was a gambler.  I suppose I am at heart.  Or I wouldn’t care so much.

If anyone’s interested, I’ll tell you where I went wrong in my non-strategy strategy this year.

15 thoughts on “I CAN’T STAND TO LOSE…

  1. My hubs does fantasy football, and he’s got his basketball pool, too. So I can understand your frustration. One year, hubs was doing so bad, he let me do his picks. I picked everything according their names and color of uniforms. He did quite well with my picks. =)

  2. I am feeling your pain as well. I still can’t believe that Kansas lost to Bradely or Iowa for that matter. Though I was rooting for Albany even though I didn’t have them on my bracket. Who did you pick to win?

  3. Dana C.,
    Uh…Pittsburgh of course. I can’t pick against my team even if it seems farfetched…bad luck. Kind of negates the whole thing to pick who you want to win vs who has the best chance. But Pitt’s the only team I do that for…

  4. I thought I was kickin ass in my brackets by picking a couple dark horses, but it seems I talked to loudly and vociferously about said dark horses. Everyone picked them. And damn you Kansas! Damn you! I’m already trying to figure out how to get a steak dinner to Shanghai because of you!

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