Idol…Sons and Daughters…

I love the Daughtry guy, Taylor blah blah blah and Katherine McPhee…

Sons and Daughters is drop dead funny.  Though, I’ve heard some people say they felt as though they were dying to have watched it at all.  I suppose that’s the nature of humor.

Then there’s scrubs.  ONe of my faves is in competiton with Sons and Daughters.  Luckily there’s at least one repeat showing per week.  I don’t understand these tv stations.  Why don’t they forget about wrestling for the top tv spot.  How about putting your best shows on when all the other crap shows are on.  Make life enjoyable.  Is it that hard?

“Why do you and dad sleep in separate beds?” said the daughter.

“He gave me one two many dutch ovens,” said the mom.

Funniest line I’ve heard in ages.


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