Misc. Stuff to distract you from anything meaningful or difficult…


 We all need that sometimes, right?  Well, I’ve done nothing of import today and I figured I shouldn’t keep this kind of crappy, no-nothing day to myself.

I’ve selected two sites.  One that will appeal to anyone who finds humanity both horrifying and funny…


Check that out.  Quotes from people on the streets of NY.  Funny.  I’m thinking I will pick a day of the week and people can submit a quote from their corner of the world…broaden the concept a bit.  Maybe we’ll call it Freaky Friday:  Words from the Streets of America…

 For people involved in the arts and suffering rejection here is a site you’ll appreciate. 


 Hope everyone’s day has been awesome!



8 thoughts on “Misc. Stuff to distract you from anything meaningful or difficult…

  1. I love Overheard in New York. There’s another one called Overheard in the Office by the same people. Funny stuff.

    THanks for the distractions.

  2. An excerpt from Overheard in the Office:

    Editor #1: Should we tell the author we lost that whole section of the manuscript?
    Editor #2: No, let’s not announce that we’re incompetent.
    Editor #1: Yeah, let’s let it be a surprise.

  3. Jaye, funny with the manuscript thing!

    Tomorrow will be the first Freaky Friday, so keep your ears open for quotes…be sure to add the appropriate Texas accent!

  4. I’m afraid most of my Freaky Friday quotes will be from my son, who has suddenly decided to adopt some of my more colorful phrases as his own.

  5. Kath, you may know this but there is an overheard in Pittsburgh site, too, for some local nonsense. I may have found it through Pittsburgh bloggers or maybe even Cindy. Who knows how I stumble upon these things, but that is the beauty of the web…it’s at overheardinpgh.blogspot.com

  6. Crapola…didn’t realize that Susan…Hopefully some people from other places will post so that it’s not just Pittsburgh related, here…we’ll see. Thanks Susan.

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