I’m bored of your rules…

Jake said while staging a rebellion.

He’s tired of being told what to do.

I informed him he had to follow my rules until he graduated from college.

“When’s that?”  He said.

“When you’re 22,” I said.

Big groan and body thrown to floor.


“Can’t I go to college when I’m eight?”

I might arrange it…

10 thoughts on “I’m bored of your rules…

  1. Yanno, those folks over in Europe & the East coast are mighty fond of an institution called – Boarding School. Tell Jake don’t tempt you, esp. if it’ll mean you’ll get all day to write!

  2. Okay, mimi’s husband…I know your wife, and I’ll bet she hesitated…let me see…seven seconds before saying no. hahahehehe…she did say no, right? Just joking Mimi…

    Dana, I hadn’t put boarding school on the table…thinking, thinking…

  3. Great idea Jaye! Boy I was hoping that the 4’s were going to easier than the 3’s. I guess he’s got some of his mommies stubbornest(sp) genes!!!!

  4. Kathie-
    As you can tell, the first Mimi response must have been written by my husband. He is a closet “Housewife cafe junkie”..

  5. Dana, me too. Me Too! We’re on spring break this week, which should be called Spring Break Mommy’s Will.

    Kathie, Let me know if you get him in. I may send in an application for my Little Miss Attitude. I’m sure I could find her a short skirt and midriff top to make her look 18. (Ick, did that just gross you out? Me too.)

  6. Sounds good to me, Mignon and Dana…we’ll figure this out some day…
    Mimi, I love that your hubby’s a closet reader… at least he’s reading.
    That sounds insulting…didn’t mean it to be.

  7. I have just spent three days with a croupy then cold-having kiddo. The illness affected his attitude but not his stamina. I can not watch Thomas one more time. I can not have the “Your medicine will make you feel better” fight and then clean up said medicine ou tof his hair and off the floor when he thrashes around doing the gator roll of death to evade the spoon.

    Is it Friday yet?

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