Cindy Closkey at Big Big Design…

Cindy Closkey is the Queen…of lots of stuff, but today I’m going to talk about her wonderful website company. 

For all of you not safisfied with your blogspot experience, you want to check out her site

Cindy did my site and not only is she supremely gifted in the design part you see, she was able to elicit from me the bigger picture of what I wanted the blog to be.  A lot of you can do that on your own, my mind needs a person to help corral the various thoughts and ideas into something useful and coherent.  Cindy is a master at doing this without making you feel like an idiot.

Then, there’s the technical stuff, which I know nothing about.  I’ve tried to troubleshoot.   The hassle of that could put me in the grave.  Having Cindy to contact, solve the problem and fill me in on as many details as I want is the best.  Again, help without making me feel stupid…

If you or anyone you know is interested in spicing up their website or blog, be sure to take a look at Cindy.  I don’t think there’s anyone better at what she does.

And don’t get me started on her writing, writing support and mixed drink knowledge…check out her blog too  This girl is fun as well as smart…and isn’t that just as important?

3 thoughts on “Cindy Closkey at Big Big Design…

  1. I’m blushing! Thanks so much for the glowing words, Kathie.

    Of course a website is nothing without content, and I’m sure your readers keep coming back not for the pretty colors but to read what colorful things you have to share. But I agree that a great design makes the whole experience better.

    I’m planning to post a new Drink of the Week today — I bought a chocolate-berry scented moisturizer recently and every time I put it on I crave some sweet indulgence, so maybe some kind of chocolate rasberry martini….

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