Tiger Woods

I love the guy.

He’s created some fantastic centers for kids that allow them to explore golf, robotics, music, video, and WRITING!!!  Very, very cool.  To have that kind of money is so incredible to me.

And not just because I could buy more stuff.  But you’d have the opportunity to do this kind of thing.  I think it’d be bad luck to hold onto too much money.  Don’t know the number at which one’s luck would turn bad, but I’m glad he’s doing this.

I wish schools could be like this. 

Andy Rooney…discussing girl scout cookies…who makes ’em, how much they cost, what’s in ’em…he’s really scraping the bottom of the mixing bowl…

Greta Van Susteren (last name may be spelled wrong)…does the woman have to drug herself to do her job?  I’m sorry, but when channel surfing, I’ll stop at almost anything and almost without exception, this woman is discussing a beautiful missing white person.  Usually a girl or woman.  But the groom gone lost on the cruise-ship has attracted her attention.  Maybe because his wife is hot it’s a story worth reporting.

Everyone has a job to do, but do you think she comes to work every once in a while and says something like “Could you get me a missing black girl?  For the love of God, a missing asian person?  How about a homeless man?  If I have to recount the last minutes of so and so’s life one more time, my brain cells will evaporate and my head will float off!”

I don’t mean anything against missing people, but wouldn’t we all be served better if old Greta comandeered a network and started 24 hour “search for the missing shows.”  The good, bad, and ugly.  I imagine all of their souls are equal in the eyes of God or whomever their higher being is.  How about a little respect down here?

4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods

  1. The relevance of mainstream media has become so skewed. Oh wait – it’s all completely relevant to the lives of rich, white people. Oh well, then. Okay!

    But Andy Rooney? Your time’s up. The parking meter is expired. The tampon is full. The credits are over. Any other metaphors?

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