Sorry to be so late with this post on behalf of Maura…
I’m not even sure this qualifies as late, but here it is:

To curb your snacking: Brush your teeth after each meal. Also, while doing the dishes, sip ice-water, chew on some cubes and ignore the fact you’re surrounded by food!

Don’t forget to ask questions…I’ll let Maura know I finally posted. Sorry again!

4 thoughts on “TIPS FROM THE TRAINER…

  1. NICE KRISITIN! That is an excellent tip, a small handful of almonds or mixed raw nuts helps too! Many shy away, fearing the amount of fat and calories in nuts, but the benefits of nuts outway the calories, jUST DONT EAT THE ENTIRE JAR!

  2. Hey Maura, I’ll post your tip tomorrow. What is it about spinning that makes it such a great work out compared to running? I took a class today for the first time in over a year and almost died….not that I’m in shape, but I do walk/run all the time. Just a matter of not pushing myself?

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