Good for him, good for him, good for him….

the ice skater (Evan Lysacek) with ties to Pittsburgh, PA just kicked ass on his long program. Love it, love it, love it…Pitt basketball is rockin’. That whole Superbowl thing still has everyone smiling. By the time March Madness is over, spring will be here and it will be as though the normal dark Pittsburgh winter never actually ocurred.

do we really need another lawyer drama? I can’t get enough of Law and Order and all its children, but do we really need to watch a bunch of rookie DA’s become cynical new yorkers? Really? Gray’s Anatomy has sewn up the newbie thing…end it there people.

And on that note. Gray’s anatomy is the best show. Love that they blew up the guy after getting the bomb out of him…

4 thoughts on “Good for him, good for him, good for him….

  1. Susan,
    I thought blowing up Dylan was brilliant. It would have been too neat an ending even for a show with lots of tidy finishes. I did, however, think Dylan and Mer might have a go in the broom closet after all was good and fine. Oh well. This week’s previews look awesome…can’t wait to see it.

    Dana, It’s worth watching for sure. Even one time. You’ll fall in love, I swear.

    Hey Southie, make sure to report on any of the movies you actually view.

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