More Olympics…

As I noted in some of the comments and posts, I love the Olympics. Nothing like those tear jerker profiles. I’m a sucker for them.

But I think the skiers and the snowboarders are the coolest athletes around. When they say “I’m just thrilled to have been able to compete,” as they collect their medals, they are so sincere. Like they could live next door to you and you wouldn’t even know they’re elite athletes. I don’t have a sense their agent gave them talking points. Of course they’re psyched.

Or maybe it’s that they just did a shot and smoked a doob. Either way, they just seem to have so much fun. And I can’t help wishing I was there, having fun.

The figure skaters aren’t like that. Tight asses all the way. Maybe because skating is so commercial. This Johnny Weir is cracking me up, though. Definately throwing a wrench in the tight ass skating world.

The Pairs figure skating the other night did not disappoint. I’m an early to bed girl, but Bill and I watched ’til the last minute…

The last set of skaters contained a Russian pair who’d been involved in a terrible accident. NBC showed this little fall with no warning–he dropped her on her head, knocking her out immediately. Shocking to see. Then of course, profiled the journey back.

They skated great.

Then one of the Chinese pairs tried this quadruple throw thing and blew out. Twenty seconds into their program. The girl was seriously hurt but was indicating she wanted to finish it. I was shouting at the TV to not go on…

All I could think was she was going to kill herself, right in front of me. I forgot this was tape delayed…They got the silver. I was in tears. Unbelievable balls.

Now, I come to the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition. I look at it every time. The women are beautiful, but when will SI give up the charade that this has something to do with athletics? They are DYING to show these women nude. Every other picture is a woman nude or with only orchids covering her bits and pieces…Orchids on the beach. Yeah, they’re not hoping they blow off or anything. I bet there’s some guy with his finger on the print button, dying to send it off with all the “bloopers”, aka, shots sans one orchid here or a hand slipped off here.

In conclusion, keep the swimsuit issue but come clean with it, for God sakes.

American Idol Rocks.

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