Tip from the Trainer…Two actually

Okay, now that I’m back, Maura’s back with some great tips.  Remember to question, comment and assign her homework.  Just jaggin’ about the homework part.  We want this to be fun for her!

Fitness Tip:  For a change from a monotonous exercise routine, try one of my favorites:

The 1:30 Workout

This requires a little planning and motivation.  Choose two intervals to be done a minute and thirty seconds consecutively.  Then recover for a minute and thirty seconds.  So it basically comes down to three minutes of high intensity and a recovery period of half the time.  Cardio and weights can be done in this pattern.  Run as fast as you can (I suggest 7.8-8.2mph on the treadmill) for three minutes then walk for a minute and half.  Try a few in a row then switch to another activity. 

The trick here is to switch within that minute and half period!  So have your next exercises planned out.  Try a nautilus machine at light to moderate weight and maintain repetitions for 3 minutes.  Take your 1:30 break and repeat on the next machine.  If you don’t have a timer on your watch ask to use borrow a stop watch from a trainer and set it to beep every minute thirty.  Good luck, let me know if anyone attempts this.  I would love your feedback!

ps–my clients all love this workout.  They claim “time flies by.”

Diet Tip

I have a client who dropped ten pounds in a few months…her secret?

She continued her regular exercise program and ADDED VEGGIES!  With dinner every night she made three extra veggies.  Potatoes don’t count and salad only counts as one veggie item.  Grilled eggplant, squash, portabello mushrooms, carrots, sauteed spinach, spaghetti squash and broccolli/cauliflower.  Hearty veggies that fill you up and can be made without oil or butter!! 

She ate the three veggies first then a smaller portion of her main dinner…chix, meat, fish and even pasta.  She was full and satisfied every night!  She got very creative with veggies and swears by this diet.  It certainly can’t hurt.  Give it a try…I’ll get some recipes if you’re interested…

Good luck and have a great week!


Okay, Kathie here…yes, we’d like recipes from your client!   Both tips are awesome…I have questions, but will post in the comments.  Thanks Maura.



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