American Idol

From American athletes to American Idol.  This Bucky something or other just sang “Simple Man,” I liked it.  He’s a little rough, but these guys get away with it.  The girls are more polished…will update you soon…

15 thoughts on “American Idol

  1. Hey everyone,

    Grey-haired guy did great, Mignon. Simon actually complimented him! I think right now the girls are better, but three of the guys are great I think. Hopefully the Clay Aiken type kids won’t be the winners. I def. like the rougher rocker types better.

  2. Dish Network went down for about twelve hours on Wednesday so we missed it. I didn’t realize how addicted I was until I couldn’t watch it! My wife and kids too.

    Taylor Hicks is my favorite as well. But I’m partial to John Hiatt, Marc Cohn, Jackson Brown, etc.

  3. Dish network is down? Ohhh, that’s not an enviable position…I think this Taylor Hicks can do great, but I wonder if he’ll have the same number of voters since he’s not a teeny-bopper…

    I agree, Dana, that at some point, they’re gonna suggest he color his hair and do a male makeover. Could be cool.

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