Little Family Tid-bits…

…I don’t usually do these, but I can’t resist.

Jake created his first, what I’ll call a poem, yesterday.  We were eating dinner and he said, “My milk is like the North Pole.”  Like the true wacko parent who has visions of greatness for their child, I started dreaming about his pulitizer prize at age 21…

Just kidding.  I know it’s dumb.  But it made me happy.

NOw to Beth’s virus.  She started off throwing up the other night, then stopped that, moved into 102 degree temps yesterday, and is now in the throws of diareah (I know that’s spelled wrong).  Anyone who read the post on her hospital stay knows she’s a trooper, but she is outdoing herself this time. 

First of all at age 3 she actually told me she had to puke before she did and made it to the bathroom.  NOt one drip landed on her clothes at any point during the puke-fest.  She cried a bit and said she was in pain, but mostly she’s quiet.

Jake on the other hand, can’t even stomach being told his sister puked.  That’s right, he asked what was wrong and when I told him, he gagged and stated that he did not want to briefed any further on Beth’s ailments.  He went so far as to suggest I tell him “Beth is playing with her dolls,” instead of “Beth is throwing up.”

Merely walking by the bathroom whether Beth is puking or on the pot or not has sent his body into shudders and gags.  This kid’s not headed toward a career in the field of medicine, garbage collecting, or any kind of care-giving what-so-ever.  Thank God he’s got similies down pat…he’ll need ’em.


It rarely fails that watching Judging Amy makes me all teary and sentimental.  The end of the show is always cheesy and neat, yet, it makes me want my entire family to live on the same street, with some in the same home…I’m inclined to feel this way, having grown up in Pittsburgh, but this show…it kills me every time. 


4 thoughts on “Little Family Tid-bits…

  1. Is it wrong that your post made me laugh and laugh. Jake is a freaking hoot. I do hope Bethy feels better soon though; that part wasn’t funny.

    I wish I lived next door, too. 🙁 Maybe someday we’ll at least be in the same part of the country.

  2. I think that my little man Jack will be just the right guy for Bethie. All through my “morning- or all day sickness” Jack would ask me if I needed any help right after I barfed. Then he’d tell me that he loves me…..I hope that I am training him well for some woman in about 30 years.

  3. No kidding, Jack is the sweetest boy, Mimi. The trick is keeping him that way. He’s always thinking about you and what you need, pretty amazing for a kid! Wait til he gets a load of the baby girl! Maybe you can train him to get up in the night and do diapers.

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