Olympic-Sized Wedgie….

Hi There,

I admit, I love the Olympics. Summer Olympics are my favorite, but I get sucked into the winter games as well.

Especially the ice-skating. Uncool, maybe. But I love it.
Except the men’s singles. For some reason, that, I don’t love.

But Ice Dancing, Pairs and Women’s figure skating? I won’t miss a minute.

Tonight hasn’t been disappointing.
The Polish pair gave a strong performance and the woman had the most severe case of skater wedge I’ve ever seen.

Barely a wisp of red could be seen covering her butt by the end of their long program.
I’m sure she didn’t notice.
If her mind went there, she’d tumble from above her partner’s head and kill herself.

And it’s not like she’s flabby or something. If ever there was a butt to be wedgied and on display, it would be a figure skater’s.
Not frightening like in the case of pool mom wedgie or something amateurish like that.

Then there was the little piece that Jamie Sale and her hubby did for NBC. They’re acting as consultants or something this year and explained the different lifts and I can’t even tell you what all because the hubby’s little French Canadian accent was way too cute.

But, he’s whipping her around, over his head, around his neck, etc., etc., etc.
And all I can think of is the two of them having sex.
I’m not usually one of those people.
Walking around, imagining couples in bed.

But, there was his accent, the lifting, the splitting….foreplay for these two must be life-threatening.
Anyway, sorry for that. I’m really not one of those people. I swear….

6 thoughts on “Olympic-Sized Wedgie….

  1. I didn’t watch last night!! But I can’t stop laughing! Thanks for the images that are now burned into my thoughts.

  2. I always like the Winter games better than the Summer ones. For some reason, watching people operate on snowboards and skis and bobsleds and luges at 80 or so miles per hour (30mph faster than I’ll even *drive*) is exhilarating. When they wipe out, it’s spectacular. I mean, certainly I feel bad if someone gets hurt, but…the sheer SPEED. Oh and yeah, the skaters, too. (I was a little girl with a Dorothy Hamill haircut, once! Then some horrible old lady at church said I was such a nice little boy and it scarred me for life, but I digress…)

    The opening ceremony…who else got verklempt when Yoko Ono read that poem and introduced the singing of “Imagine?” (And I don’t even mean teary because the formerly suave Peter Gabriel looked like an old fisherman…) Bob Costas annoyed me by talking during the parade about how the Olympics are a time when the respect of the games overcomes political strife…then two minutes later when the Denmark team walked by, he mentioned the cartoons, and as the Iranians paraded by, it was “nuclear proliferation.” Classy, Bob. NOT.

    I’ve decided I can’t stand Bode Miller. I can’t put my finger on it, exactly, but it has to do with how he’s being “positioned” as this rebel and this badass, and that gives him an excuse to be a jerk. Shaun White looks like a cross between Robin Gibb and Julianne Moore, but DAMN he makes what he does look easy! I was really disappointed when “Grandma Luge” had to drop out…that lady should win a medal just for being in 5 consecutive Olympics. And Michelle Kwan’s withdrawal speech affected me more than I thought…she’s saying all this stuff about how thankful she is, and how she’s decided the gold medal doesn’t matter to her anymore, and how she’ll continue to be involved with the sport…she was saying all the right things, but her eyes…her heart was broken. And she made a decision that was right for the Olympics and right for the team, despite the emotional destruction that went with it…and for that, she’s a hero.

  3. Heidi,
    I agree with all your comments….Without fail the olympics make me cry. All those hearwrenching stories. All I have to hear are the words “It’s a dream come true,” and I’m welling up. I’m doing a post on it tonight…

    Mignon, You are not out of luck, there is still icedancing to be had…I’ll let you know when.

    Even the guys were interesting last night…love the American Johnny Weir..as flamboyant as can be and loving every second of it. That’s the way we should all live our lives. Who cares what anyone thinks of you…just be you!!!

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