Mope-fest 2006 Has Ended…

That’s right.
I’m done moping.
And I decided that I only get one mope per book.
So, I’m back.

Jaye and Miss Snark are both doing this cute little thing:

1. pick up the book sitting beside you.
2. turn to page 123
3. blog the fifth sentence down.
4. don’t yinz guys go lookin’ for no stinkin’ smarty pants book in’at neither…

Number four is my little addition to the game.

Here’s my sentence.

Guess where it lives:

“The satisfaction derived from this act was all that the most ardent moralist could have desired.”

This was the fifth full sentence on the page…

Hope you’re all doing well tonight!

12 thoughts on “Mope-fest 2006 Has Ended…

  1. Only one mope per book? Oh dear. I’m over quota. But I’m not agented yet. Soooo, the rule is only one mope per book if we already have an agent. If we haven’t got an agent yet we’re allowed multiple mopes, okay? But those mopes can’t last more than 12 hours, well…maybe 8 hours because we have to keep writing and querying and stuff and haven’t got time to do lots of moping.

    I’ll have my lawyer write it up, send it around for signatures.

  2. Done moping already?! You must share your secret of moving on…I stay stuck in a sad mood for so long…keep being positive. 🙂

  3. Welcome back to your cheery self! I’m glad the moping passed — and you didn’t even need to resolve to be cheerful. Hoorah for you!

    Here’s my p123/s5 sentence:

    “The project currently under way is traditional Polish Christmas ornaments.”

    I couldn’t guess at yours — so I Googled it. Interesting! Are you enjoying it? (Had you already read page 123? Does the sentence make more sense in context?)

  4. Becky, love your sentence…made me laugh out loud. Let me guess, is the book, “Dressing for Success–Halloween Edition?”

    Cindy, I am enjoying my book. And yes, the sentence makes perfect sense in context, though I had not yet gotten there when I did this little exercise. I’m trying to alternate between classic, tried and true novels of which I’ve not read nearly enough, and Chic Lit type stuff that I prob. read too much of. As for your sentence, “A Christmas to Remember?” No idea. I must google it. Thanks for playing guys.

  5. Your mopes aren’t so bad! Don’t feel like you have to be the clown for our kid-party all the time.
    Here’s mine (2 books, equidistant, couldn’t decide).
    “And there she sits and dreams of glory,
    alone inside the lavatory.”
    “Reb Saunders put some salad and fish on his plate and ate a small piece of the fish, holding it in his fingers.”

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