Little Post…

…I’m stumped by my lack of pop culture fodder.

Can’t someone get caught cross-dressing, shopping at Wal-Mart or using generic make-up? Something? Anyone???

I suppose I’ll get a glimpse of Nick Lachey tomorrow as the Steelers play the Bengals.
Gotta love a guy who loves his roots, but tomorrow better not be the day he sees his team overcome their decades long adversity.

While my agent is selling the manuscript that has hit a pothole or two, she suggested two projects she would be interested in seeing.

One is a good revision of my chick-litish NaNoWriMo book. Yeeha…I read through it once making notes, did a chapter outline and am now looking for the holes. Gaping holes are my specialty. But I feel good to know exactly what to work on.

Hope your weekends were great. I’ll find good post stuff soon. And stay tuned for the trainer…

2 thoughts on “Little Post…

  1. It’s good to have something productive to focus on instead of obsessing about the submissions. I am itching to start my new project. I tend to be happier when I can use my powers for good to create story–cause otherwise I’d use them for eeee-vil by creating fictional drama in my own life. And no one wants that.

    Write on!

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