I must blog about my rejections…

because God knows I’ll be blogging the crap out of the offers.
I almost feel as though I shouldn’t.
As though saying to the world that six out of eight of the submissions to editors were rejected so far would make it more real than it is. And bring me bad luck. Cause I’m not swirling in a vat of not so great fortune right now.

I feel like an idiot even though everyone in the world who wants to write something goes through this.
Perhaps I’ve been too lucky until now so the universe must pay me back.

I got my agent, who is wonderful, the first shot out. She is great to work with and maybe I’m now spoiled by it all.
Surprisingly, I don’t feel that bad. Not the way I thought I would anyway. Or maybe I’m still in shock. My brain not yet aware my fantasies of a three book deal and $100,000 advance have evaporated into thin air.

But then again, I have great friends telling me the editors must not have even read the manuscript (I’m not sure one of them did based on her comments) to have turned it down. They tell me it’s great. I’m great. And that makes life so nice.

Though, having an editor say she loved the shit out of the book wouldn’t be so bad, either.

8 thoughts on “I must blog about my rejections…

  1. If these 8 don’t like it, they’ll be kicking themselves for poor judgment when it gets published and sells, sells, sells. You’re still my inspiration! Hang in there friend.

  2. Pshaw! Eight rejections? Ha! You still haven’t heard from two. Be the eternal optimist because you never what’s waiting ’round that corner. I think NOW would be a good time for you to turn on some good old fashioned rock n’roll and go do that ‘dancing in a public place’ thing.

  3. I am still in the agent-search stage of the path, but I think what I am about to say appplies. It is so easy to get caught up in the prediction of defeat. Everyone says a first book won’t get published. Everyone says you can’t get an agent until you’ve been published. You know what? You got an agent right off the bat. You have something there, otherwise the agent wouldn’t have taken you on. They don’t do that for their health, they do it because they want to sell your book and make money. I know it’s tough not to get down or feel hopeless. And trite inspirationals phrases that write-off your feelings won’t help. You are allowed to have a mini-pity party. But once that’s over, you must go write. Carry on, sister.

  4. Susan, Mignon, Mindy, and Jaye,

    thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. You are all so right. I’ll allow myself 30 hours of moping and then I’ll snap back. I agree with Mindy that the dance thing would be mighty appropriate at this point. Susan, I think you’re right, but again, the thirty hour rule is still in effect. Mignon, I will have to do something nice for myself. A massage. That’d be good. And Jaye, I think you’re right too about the bizzare publishing world…the one we are drawn to but curse all the way. I can’t discount the fact she took me on right away and that she beleives in the work. Clearly she does. Thank you all so very much!!! I’ll get back to you after my thirty gloomy hours.

  5. Kathie,

    Happy wallowing. Also, I know I came a bit late into the life of your blog, so maybe this is a stupid question. But I would love to know what your books are about.


  6. Kathie,

    PLEASE still have hope…your book is wonderful, and those people who rejected it don’t know what they are talking about. Idiots! I say keep positive…who knows what will happen with the other two.

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