Desperate Housewives….

Susan is a vacuous boring nutjob.

Bree hasn’t had a real change in her personality yet…growth here people…keep your viewers interested for God sakes.

Gabrielle’s story line leaves me wanting her to put her house up for sale.

Lynette and Tom are great.

Why am I so freaking grumpy??? I don’t know.

Here’s a look at my softer side.

Brittney Spears.
I feel bad for her.

Seeing pictures of her looking every bit the scattered new mom and headlines that shout she’s packed on 20 big ones since the birth make me feel sad.

True, she was naive enough to think that blockhead Federline was father/husband material. But seeing someone suffer in public is sad. Former Pop Princess or not.

5 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives….

  1. I am disappointed in this season’s Desperate. Susan’s character is getting annoying. I jumped off my couch and applauded when plumber dude dumped her. I like the teenagers in the show – they can act and they are funny. As for Gabrielle, I’m rooting for the psycho-maniac-needs-a-tan nun. And yes, Lynette & Tom are great. I hope they bring back Bob Newhart, he was a great addition for those few eps.

  2. I don’t watch that show either:( LOL. I have enough Drama with my soap operas. Duh!! Britt should have known. But what guy in his right mind would do that to HER? I honestly cannot stand Brittney but I know almost every guy can so…..

  3. I don’t watch desp.hous – the 8to9 timeslot here is reserved for putting kids to bed and sneaking in some nookie, if said children actually went to bed. Then comes Grey’s, which I am beyond addicted to.
    And I hear you with the Britt/Kfed thing. Our babies are very close in age, and the idea of being in the public eye during the fattest time of my whole life makes me reach for more Nutter Butters. I am also really sad for Jennifer Aniston, no for losing Brad Pitt, because I think the world knows now that she’s too good for him. I’m sad that she doesn’t have a cool guy in her life.

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