Bad Line on an Otherwise Smashing Show…

On Two and A Half Men there was a scene where Charley’s girlfriend Mia finds him with another woman. When she starts to leave and he asks her why she popped over she replies:

“After I cooled down I missed you (or something to that effect) so I came to make love you to you.”

I don’t know if it was the delivery–she’s not a good actress so far–or the line itself. So much of the show is clever and ridiculous. This didn’t fit at all. Maybe because she was whining as she said it.

Then there is Wife Swap. I. Q. points have been significatly shaved since viewing this gem. It’s depressing to see people in/out of their element and though it always results in some personal growth on the participants’ part, this time was way Jerry Springer at the end. The two wives leapt at one another over the table shouting obscenities. I’m all for liberal use of obscenities in every day life, but on TV? WTF?

Hehehehe…I hate that damn show, but it sucks me in every time. I tried to watch the skating show which may be the first reality show where a contestant gets maimed for life. And it doesn’t suck me in.

I’m supposed to be revising, but I need one more night for a break. That will make two nights since January 2, so that’s not bad. But there’s way to much horrible TV to draw me in when I’m feeling weak.

As an antidote to the couple of pop culture posts I’ve done lately, I’ll do an artsy one tomorrow. Wait and see.

And don’t forget to check out the Trainer’s Tip for the week…It got pushed down the page by mindless drivel.

11 thoughts on “Bad Line on an Otherwise Smashing Show…

  1. Why is a trainwreck always more interesting than a skating show….hmmmmm?

    Why is Jerry Spring so reviled and so loved?

    Does it say something about us? Our culture?

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the comments….

  2. I wonder about the intelligence behind the skating one. The show that is. I mean we are talking some maiming involved, like being dropped on the head !!! What kind of shows could be next? Racing with NASCAR? Roping with the Rodeo? Or how about Snaring Snakes with Steve?

  3. HMMM. I have no comment except I CAN”T WAIT to see American Idol tonight. I can’t watch the skating show. I think it interferes with LOST? I can’t remember. ANyway…thanks for what you said on my blog. All the comments are making me feel better:)

  4. I tried to get into the skating show unsuccessfully, too. Too much talking and vaseline-teeth smiling, and not enough B-list stars falling on their face. And also, I’m too ambivalent about the “stars.” I don’t really care if they win or get slashed with an ice skate or not.

  5. I just can’t get sucked into the reality TV thing…But give me endless hours of 24 reruns on A and E–I can’t get enough of Jack Bauer and terrorist intrigue. This season is off with a bang!

  6. Hey Mimi, I was a huge fan of 24 the first season and I’ve never gotten back into it. I don’t know why….You bought the Philip Beard book, right???

  7. Our family doesn’t watch TV. (OK, *much* TV, lol…) Tree growth interfered with our satellite dish, so we cancelled it and never got cable. That was in March of 2002. We get Netflix (controlled programming, no commercials!), PBS (toddler shows!), and watch “West Wing,” “Commander in Chief” and “Boston Legal.” The only time I feel bad about my shameful lack of TV is when people are talking about things on TV…

    I’ve never seen so much as one episode of CSI, 24, American Idol, Depserate Housewives, or any show other than those mentioned above, in four years. And it’s amazing how many people suddenly no longer have anything to talk to you about, once they realize this. They look at you like you just flicked a booger into their latte.

    At vacation time, the rules change. Hotels and beach-houses have cable, so our family goes into a TV frenzy and gorges ourselves. Some of us more on the Sci-Fi Channel, some of us less…my 10-year-old daughter developed a love for “Pimp My Ride.” But other than that….wait….that is NOT a booger in your latte!

  8. Heidi, that’s so funny about the TV gorging in hotels. I used to only watch HBO in hotels. I traveled a lot for work, so I was never too far behind…sorry for the intermittent posts…revising…will visit your site soon.

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