8 thoughts on “30060 words….

  1. OHMIGOD! You are amazing. Glad the writing is going well!

    Frantic woman? Me? I actually got the kids photo cards and most of their shopping done already. However, I will most likely wait until mid-December to mail the cards and get the rest of my presents, and, thus, freak. Ohmigod — it’ll be like every other year.

  2. Ok am I the only one who is totally not on top of the holidays. I just realized yesterday that Thanksgiving is next week and I freaked out. I have ZERO Christmas shopping done. I promised myself this year would be the year I would spread out the shopping and do a lot of baked goods to give graciously to hostesses and neighbors. Hah! I have illusions of being Martha Stewart, but sadly every year I am more and more like Lucille Ball.

  3. Don’t feel bad. I really did think I was way ahead of the curve until I realized Thanksgiving is next week, too! Success is fleeting! We should all give up on the Martha thing, shouldn’t we??

  4. Too true, Susan. What I lack in talent I make up for with enthusiasm. That counts for something, right? I shouldn’t feel bad that I completely botched the easiest costume in the world for Halloween–who would of thunk a ghost costume would defeat me? Luckily my DS was happy going as a fireman after a last minute shopping trip to Target.

    By the way, Kathie, I forgot to congratulate you on your preternatural writing speed. Way to go!

  5. Twice I’ve had a baby due in December, and as a result, got every ounce of my stuff done early–shopping, wrapping, even stamps on the Christmas card envelopes. Those were the best two Decembers EVER–I was able to enjoy the season so much more!

  6. Kathie,
    Now what is all of this writing and rewriting non-sense. As I understand it, Nicole Richie wrote her novel and really didn’t want to do it. What is all the fuss???……………………………..JOKING………

  7. Hi Brooke, I know what you mean about getting everything done early and then enjoying your holiday life…Christmas is the one thing in my life that I’m organized about.

    If only I were nicole richie…kidding…wouldn’t trade with her for anything.

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