Victoria’s Secret…

…is out in the open! I know I must sound like I’m secretly working for Victoria’s Secret, but I’m not.

I never would have guessed I’d have so much to say on the topic, but here’s another post on it…

I was watching the Today Show and they were talking about all the ways China is changing. Apparently the wealthiest citizens enjoy showing off their huge accumulation of money by driving large cars–no sports cars there.

They indulge in all things fabulous–that communicate, “I am rich and powerful.”

So, they asked why wasn’t Victoria’s Secret doing well, swathing wealthy Chinese women in glorious silky bras and fancy underpants????

Well, they said it goes back to showing off their wealth. If they can’t show it off, it isn’t worth buying. Apparently, Britney Spears and J. Lo. aren’t models for dress…yet. What do you give ’em? Ten years before everyone is half naked, bra straps out, belly button rings nestled in their stomachs?

13 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret…

  1. Perhaps you should try to get a sponsorship deal with VS. Hell, if HQN is doing it with NASCAR, why can’t you? Free bras for everyone!

  2. Like I let slip in an earlier post, I’m actually the featured model in this months TV ads…ssshhh…don’t want to ruin my low profile….yes, free bras for everyone, by all means!

  3. Isn’t the VS special coming up? Are we going to see you on the catwalk wearing wings and just a few other ‘little things’?!

  4. You ladies are just too funny – 😆
    Question though – Why does VS not carry cool sleepwear for women over, uh, lets say 40ish….:grin:? Either you get really sexy things (not good for running around the house in) or flanel wear? Any thoughts on that?

  5. Hi Iris, VS is aiming for the younger or at least the younger clothing crowd and don’t care much for the rest…their niche I suppose… I did see some cute things in Target when I finally purchased some bras!

    And yes, Susan, I did appear in the Victoria Secret Special–coming Dec. 6th to a TV near you. I’m the one with brown hair.

  6. Okay Ladies (or Housespouses),
    I went to a new Mall today with my 3 year old son. As we passed Victoria’s Secret, with the thong undies and push up bras in the window, he exclaimed, “hey mom, get some of those!” The SEVENTY year old man next to me just looked at me and said, “he is a boy.” I just started to laugh.

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