Bad Little Blogger…

…yes I am.
According to Bill, my husband.
Not that he’s wrong.
But I chuckled at his comment that he’s tired of logging onto Housewifecafe and seeing nothing more than my word count for Nanowrimo.
Bragging about how much I’m writing just isn’t doing it for him.

Not creative enough.

“Why aren’t you doing something more interesting?” He says from the comfort of his Charleston WV hotel room. Okay, its WV, but still…quiet and calm are key amenities as far as my “grass is always greener on the go to work dad side of the fence,” point of view goes.

Well. I say.

Could it be our two children? My part-time job for the University of Pittsburgh? The fact that I’m actually writing the stuff I’m bragging about? Hmmm…I can’t quite put my finger on it.

I’m sure you other moms out there could help me figure this brain bender out.

One thought on “Bad Little Blogger…

  1. Hate to tell you Kathie but Bill’s statement/question about your Blog is the way I am starting to feel about my life—why am I not doing something more creative?- different?- or earth shattering for goodness sakes!…Then the feeling passes and I get back to my life….work, husband, son, cleaning, etccccc…So perhaps, Bill’s question was just that…a question that just slipped out.

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