Victoria’s Secret…Again

Okay, well during my cleaning of the closets, I went through a bunch of purses I haven’t used in years and came across a receipt from Victoria’s Secret and one from Ann Taylor. Both were dated 8/16/03. I’m pretty sure this was the last time I set foot in either store but it surprised me because I thought it had been much longer than that. I realized that date was a mere month before I went from feeling like a 34 year old to a 90 year old (this took just two weeks). It all made sense. I tossed out the purses and the receipts and felt good knowing I’m finally feeling good again!

Someday I’ll venture back…This post sucks. No wit at all. I’m beat. Bill’s been out of town all week and the kids were both up at 5:30…oh well, life goes on…Thank goodness for that.

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret…Again

  1. Can I take an aside for a moment to point out this other site, which shows airbrushing in all its glory?

    Click on a photo, then roll over the finished image to see what it looked like before:

    Here I was, worrying about my ripples and wrinkles, and it turns out that all the sexy celebrity babes have them too. Huh.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sexy is a feather. Revel in your hot-mama-ness, babe.

  2. Thanks Cindy!!!! Love the site you put in here…made my day, for sure…amazing how much lighting and “coloring” can change the way a person looks …what am I thinking spending money on improving my mind…I should just get a body painter and call it a day…I need to find out how to put links into emails…maybe I do need that help with my mind…

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