Last visit with the Developmental Specialist

Okay folks…today was the last time Beth will be visited by our trusty child development specialist, Kelly. And it made me sad.

Because Jake (Jake was moved out of the program last year) and Beth were premature, we had access to this county service that’s intended to catch any developmental problems and solve them before they’re exasperated by time.

But at age three (Beth will be turning three Christmas Eve) if there are no problems, they are dropped from the program. Beth has officially been dropped. Great news!

Let me brag for a moment…The language benchmark for a three year old is that they use three or four word sentences…Beth uses and used several 10 word sentences right in front of Kelly!!!! Of course I was beaming. How could I not? I’ve been talking my ass off to them since they popped out, building their vocabularies and yeah, someone noticed!!!!

Anyway. Kelly has seen so much of our lives through the development of Jake and Beth and suddenly, the relationship will be no more….that makes me sad.

Kelly was always encouraging and offered such great advice when being a new mother seemed even more daunting with early babies. Her objective and wide ranging perspective was just what I needed.

I hate saying goodbye to people. I’m not good at it at all.

Anyway, beyond all the facts this mom can brag about, the kids are happy and healthy in all the ways that can’t be measured. Knowing that right now, everything is good for them, brings me instant peace and joy. Thank you God and thank you Kelly!

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