Dream Analysis–Flying

Anyone know the meaning of “flying” in dreams? I had such a vivid dream that I was flying, struggling to do so, but succeeding nonetheless that I swear I know what it would feel like if I could take to the air right now…Anyone?

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  1. I have a dream book at home and will look it up this weekend! The book was written by the foremost “experts” in this area (i.e., I think astrologists with degrees in I don’t know what). I like to look stuff up in it every now and then, and it has cool pictures to look at. I sound like my 6 year old, don’t I?

  2. Ok, here’s what the book said: “human beings have always associated the flight of birds with freedom, from being earthbound, from reality, from the forces of gravity.” Then, it goes on to say that many interpretations make a positive connection between flying and sex. (You can decide if that is relevant!) And, a flight may “refer to a specific waking project, in which case the safety, exhiliration, apprehension, speed and comfort” may reflect your views on it. So, in summary, Mimi said it all! Your kicking, a– and feeling good!

  3. I stumbled on this blog looking for info on the same subject. I’ve often had dreams throughout my life where I had a flight ability, but its always quite limitted. Its almost more like I’m able to decrease the effect of gravity, but I can never fully “turn it off.” I can remain in the air for a time, but I always come back down. I remember a dream when I was younger where I experienced this through elements of the Peter Pan story. I also remember more recently a sort of “comic book” type dream, where I was defending people using my flight ability. I would say some of these dreams even border on lucid, but nonetheless I can never maintain the flight.

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