Lovely Tucson

I’m here and I’m feeling fine…Once I realized how much I could use a little sleep, relaxation, and complete irresponsibility I warmed up to my travels. My plane was filled with Steeler’s fans on their way to San Diego.

Yes, that’s right. The game is on Monday night, but these great Pittsburghers were well ahead of schedule.

“Oh, so you’re gonna play golf or go to the beach and stuff?” I asked my seatmate.
“Lady. There’s 150 bars and restaurants within three miles of our hotel,”
“Yeah, yeah. I see,” I said smiling at the self-satisfied sixty-fivish man sitting next to me.
“What beach?” his pal across the aisle said tipping his teeny Jack Daniels toward the opening in his Iron City.
“Gahh,” I laughed out loud as the one guy passed the mixture to my seatmate.
I was wondering if the steward was going to divert the plane back to the burgh due to someone byobing their own I.C. as the Zanax took me off into a deep sleep.

Two hours later I was landing in Dallas passing time in some bar that was supposedly replicating the stadium where the Cowboys played their games. Tough to pull off when twenty five guys and one woman, swathed head to toe in Steel City black and gold filled every inch of the 20×10 feet of space. And as I sat there at 10 am, sipping my coffee watching twenty ounce beers slide effortlessly down the throats of everyone in the space, I couldn’t help feeling like an individual for the first time in I don’t know how long.

I stared at the beers, smelling that scent, suddenly wanting one. Wanting to hop the plane to San Diego instead of the one to Tucson. Thinking at that moment, I could hang out with my new friends, go to the game then slip into obscurity. I’d never go home to anything even remotely resembling my life. Maybe that’s why I hadn’t wanted to go in the first place. Could I actually be one of those people who disappeared for twenty years until being spotted by the most unlikely person possible?

Of course not…but for those few minutes sitting there with people who for the next five days had nothing but booze and food calling their names, I thought maybe…maybe I could.


my sister Beth has a spa day planned for me then I’m going to watch Pablo while they go celebrate Jon’s birthday with dinner and a hotel…hey, hey, hey. they better not get any wise-ass ideas about slipping off into obscurity…there’s only room for one crazy person per family and I wrapped that one up long ago.

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