Taking the Cafe on the Road

I am going on the road…this ought to inject some freshness in my writing…I’m visiting my sister, her husband and their new baby in Tucson, AZ…I can’t wait.

And I don’t want to go. I have extreme flight paranoia since 9/11. Unreasonable, I know, but I’m sure the thought of 9/11 on 9/10 would have been unreasonable too.

Plus, I am paranoid Beth and Jake will be hurt while I’m gone. My two biggest fears at press time are 1. them getting hit by cars–they’re still prone to dash out into streets and parking lots… 2. car accidents.

Oh, yeah, 3. fires. In the last five months, two families close to me, in proximity and emotionally have had their homes gutted by fire. I’ve always been afraid of it, but with these two instances, it ignites my thoughts way too much…Anyway, intellectually, I know everything will be great–I’m essentially going on vacation. I’ve only been alone once in the last four years…what am I, crazy???? Yes, in a way, yes.

5 thoughts on “Taking the Cafe on the Road

  1. Absolutely go on your trip, check in a few times with the gang back home, and enjoy yourself. If nothing else, bring a few books/magazines to read in the air…it will help the time go and my guess is you don’t get the oppty much!

  2. You’re definitely not crazy. Jack is 3 1/2 and I have never spent a night away from him. I am beginning to think that I am crazy for not leaving my family for a night. Have a good trip, be a good aunt, and take your sister out for a night!!!! That may be her only night out for the next 4 years–hehehe.

  3. Well if you are crazy I am in trouble. I just talked about scheduled worry time with my therapist! October is a fabulous month to go to Tucson (I lived there from age 10 to about six years ago). My whole fam is down there. Enjoy your sis, and the babe.

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