Tucson, Day Two

Things went great today. Ms. Shiela is right, Tucson is wonderful. I’ve been here several times before, but not in my sister’s newest house.

I love walking/running here. It seems like no matter where she lives, when I set out for a walk, the mountains are right in front of me. The architecture (sp?) is stunning. So different than back east, but it fits the desert perfectly.

I did it. I got my haircut! Beth set up a spa day (yes the best sister ever) and I was only going to trim my hair, but the stylist said she could donate it to “Locks of Love,” the organization that makes wigs for cancer sufferers. That was all I needed to hear–my hair would live on in some productive manner–I’m an organ donor for God Sakes. The least I could do was donate my hair while still alive and kicking.

It’s a great haircut, but of course the jury is out until I actually have to “style” it myself. I love all the jargon associated with hair “I’m going to ‘overdirection’ it so that it has height…” Things like that crack me up and I wish so much I could have my own hair dresser in my home…not to do anything fancy, just to be there and do a quick overdirectional manuever to ensure I don’t look like a total ass when I leave. Oh, yeah, looking bad hasn’t bothered me for the last two years! I guess, when you look bad and you tried to look good (ex–if I actually try to overdirectionalize my locks) well, then that’s trouble. We’ll see.

It’s a modern Mrs. Brady–Lisa C. will be happy to know. The cap part isn’t cut close to my head like hers was–my layers are long. And the flipped ends aren’t long and exaggerated like Carol’s, but I couldn’t help thinking I was channeling the modern version of that look as my hair was being thinned. It’s cute. I figure I have the next 64 years to wear my bob…

Did I ever mention I’m supposed to live to be 100? I can’t tell you how disappointed I’ll be if I croak before then.


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  1. Hi Kathie and readers….I have finally found and read this great site. A couple of times I logged on and had a moment or two before being summoned to the kitchen for yet another meal, snack or beverage…..Loving these stories, however, hearing about Beth and the hospital stay was news to me….some things never make the “family news”. Glad she was ok, but where did the bead go anyway? Say hello to your sister and family, enjoy the rest of your stay. keep up this very entertaining blog, it is much more positive than those nasty college football blogs….boy, can people be mean!…..m

  2. Getting you hair cut drastically different can be a scary thing. But how wonderful that someone else’s life will be better because of the hair you donated! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your’s is beautiful, and I love the title!!

  3. Thanks Christine and Maura! Maura, which football blogs are you reading? I only glimpse the message boards for the official sites and they’re always nasty, but what are you reading?

  4. Oh, congratulations on the hair cut! It’s akin to receiving a head transplant, I swear. It’s just so easy to forget how to make ourselves look good sometimes — especially when there are very short people living in the house!

    I’ll bet you look way cuter than Mrs. Brady. And heck — SHE had a fulltime housekeeper! All the time in the world to style that lovely shag of hers.

  5. Hey Kath! I am so excited to see your new “do”… (this weekend:) ). Congrats on finally going for it! And by the way, you sound soooooo extremely happy on your vacation. I am so glad you got away and spent time with your sis and new nephew. I can just see you jogging with the mountains surrounding you.

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