Writing/Agent news

I’ve got the classic, good news bad news thing going on.
Like fate can’t let me have too much of a good thing at one time because it sees the potential for a huge ego or that’s just life…

Good news: My agent is working her way through my revisions and thinks they look good…hopefully the second half looked as good to her as the first…stay tuned…I’ll let you know as soon as I know…

Bad news: My essay that was to be published has met an untimely death at the hands of the editor who has taken over the paper it was to appear in…it seems like a combination of a mix up and different taste, perhaps…Who knows…I’ll find another home for it I suppose. Really, in light of the novel/agent news the essay stuff is miniscule, but who likes rejection? Uh, yeah, no one.

REally, I’m ecstatic about my agent and novel–happy things are going my way in that arena…the book has to be published, it just has to…there’s that positive thinking for you…It has to happen, it has to, it has to, it has to…It will, it will, it will. Thanks for listening folks.

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  1. Yes, it will happen, don’t give up! (you can remind me of that, too; it’s kind of a cyclical “I can do this/But no one will read it” thing!) Hang in there, have fun with the kids on Halloween.

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