Grumpy Husband, no more

Well, Bill read my Grumpy Husband post, laughed a little, and spent the last week pointing out all the things that fly in the face of my entry…I suppose I have to bite the bullet and blog when he does something great….or just okay….you decide which it is…

Okay, we just got our bathroom redone in record time–one week from demolish to ahhhh–I didn’t even get a chance to leave cranky renovation posts, because there were none to leave.

But the bathroom is miniscule and door opened in so that when you were on the pot, the door would be at your knees…if it were open…like it always is when you have kids who never leave your side…So Bill comes up with the idea of getting the guys to build in a pocket door!!!

Bravo Bill, it’s perfect. I feel like I died and went to a spa.

Then as we were looking for the shower curtain and rug, etc. for the bathroom, Bill eyed the perfect rug to pull in all the colors from the bedroom…that one doesn’t sound so great on paper…but he insisted it was equal to pulling me from raging flood waters…which he did do once when we were dating…He might just let me fend for myself next time.

So, there it is, for now…

5 thoughts on “Grumpy Husband, no more

  1. Kathie your lucky that Bill was raised with impeccable taste! At least he can tell what matches and why things should coordinate. I live with the man that doesn’t have clue nor does he want to. If I could give Duke 1/18 of what Bill has learned I would not have my constant battle as to why you must match. Hopefully I will raise Wes differently.

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