Top Five Reasons To Have A Blog….

1. Your husband will watch his step…(I know this won’t last forever, ladies)
2. Putting something down on “paper” often demystifies a problem.
3. It feels good when people respond to your problems and joys.
4. A record of your life–I am in love with history–family histories especially. (this could backfire as well, I realize)
5. It makes you feel as though you’re part of the larger world…love seeing comments from people everywhere.

43 thoughts on “Top Five Reasons To Have A Blog….

  1. Beth I think that Kathie should blog about her siblings, friends etc but she should remember that we all probably have one or more classic Kathie moments to share as well. Come on Kath give us a great Beth moment!!!

  2. Noooo, Dana!! Don’t encourage her!!!

    But in the meantime, we should start gathering our Kathie stories!!

    Maybe start with the bachelorette party


  3. Hold on to your Victoria Secret, fancy pants underwear…Dana and Beth–this site is not to make me look foolish–I’m already toeing that line…let’s not jump over and seal the deal…kidding. Actually as landmark dates arrive like my tenth anniversary etc., arrive, I’ll open the door for the embarrassing stories you can’t wait to tell…they are funny and so, so long ago…thank goodness.

  4. Yeah Beth! Let’s talk about that before the bride gets married party. It was truly a wonderful, cold but theraputic night. I will have found memories of Mt. Nebo. Smile

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