Back From Revisions…Again

Here I am, finally back from round two of my super-duper revision process! I haven’t slept well in two weeks, being jolted awake at exactly four am, not by the kids who have been doing that for the past four years, but by my characters–running through my mind as it searches for just the right way to weave in my subplot…It’s almost painful until I figure out exactly how I’m going to make the changes, but now, the calm has arrived. I’ve shaved 15,000 words, added a subplot, humor, and given one character just slightly more voice–enough to make you say–wow, I love her now!!!

Don’t mean to brag, just deleerit from lack of sleep…And lest you worry, my head will enlarge to the point I can’t safely enter and exit doorways…Don’t! For by the time this is sitting in my agent’s office for a week (It’ll go out at the end of next week–round 3) I’ll begin my spiral into self-asorbed fear that with all the changes I made, none of them were right…..

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