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I don’t want an angry bitter blog, but I can’t listen to FEMA man on television say the people in the N.O. convention center are eating two meals a day while NBC cameras illuminate the filth and desperation of people who have lost everything that makes them who they are.

I don’t like Bush, and I don’t want to read like an insane liberal Bush hater, but it is his responsibility to lead his country and solve this problem. He should have demanded airlines haul the poor masses out of the city before the hurricane and housed them at all the empty bases. “Eighty percent got out,” yeah, those with money and families beyond the borders of N.O. Thank God he got his last bike ride in to ensure for a little longer we have the healthiest president ever.

He should with some kind of passionate angst (the kind he is hopefully feeling) demand these babies and their parents are taken to safety. Demand the elderly are given what they need.
I don’t sense at all he identifies with the people who are begging for their lives.
And I think it has less to do with race than it does with poverty.
It must be too frightening or simply too difficult for him to imagine he could ever be in that position.
If NBC can get in there and family members who are looking for their relations can get there, then there is no excuse.
And I don’t care that Bush called the way this is going “unacceptable,” he’s more fired up about steroids than he is about this…
Congress moved with lightening speed when the Terry Shiavo (sp?) stuff was gong on, but now they think getting aid to these people by Sunday is somehow “fine.”

I couldn’t be more disgusted. They are not “On Top” of anything except, I’m sure, W’s next planned hiatus.

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  1. I will not comment on W. Saw him on NBC, finally in N.O. and I was still disgusted.

    Anyway! I hope I heard this story incorrectly, but people who were housed in major hotels were asked to move on in order to house folks from FEMA and the gov. Ever heard of roomates? In time of need double up, even for the help? I would be ticked if our dollar is spent on housing help but not the needy?

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