Yea Me! Revision Breakthrough

After four days of ruminating over how to implement the changes my agent wants to see, wasted time staring at the first page of my book like it was a priceless antique vase I was about to break, not being assured I could get the pieces back together again, I did it. I broke it.

Relatively small changes seem big to me when applying them over 400 pages, but there’s no cure for insecurity like plowing ahead as though I actually know what I’m doing. And in the end I do…only 330 pages left to go.

9 thoughts on “Yea Me! Revision Breakthrough

  1. BUT! You have an agent! My mom is editing my first draft, because it started out with 1,200 pages. *cough* She just handed me 350 pages of edits, so I know how you feel.

    As soon as I have it down to a manageable size, I’ll start shopping it. Congratulations!!

  2. You are an inspiration to me! Keep going on the revisions and the new book; they will be great and I can’t wait to read the finished products.

  3. Thanks so much to everyone for your support. My posts have been terrible–almost non-existent–I just need to get through a little more before I’m comfortable with how the revision is going. Your words of encouragement are so helpful.

    To Mindy–sorry that I mispelled your name–with an “i.”

  4. While sitting in our Reading/Language Pacing meeting, our topic turned to Writer’s workshop for students. Our mentor said that good writer’s don’t revise once, but many, many, many times. I smiled and thought of YOU. Niki

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