Hair or There?

That is the question–the non-essential, non-life threatening I don’t have to steal diapers and formula for my dehydrated babies question…Should I cut my hair?

I must fess up. Since I’ve taken panty inventory and discovered purchasing a three pack in the Giant Eagle is indeed as odd as I feared (thanks fellow housewives), I’ve begun to fix my gaze on all aspects of my “presentation.”

Yeah, I know looks don’t matter. Biggest lie ever told. Granted, judging people as valuable or not, good or bad etc. based on looks is not fair or right. However, I think taking care of yourself can say a lot about a person–how they’re feeling about life.

So I’ll say it, for two years I’ve felt like crap.
And my hair–is evidence of it–glaring at me like a raging mass of snakes. It’s not that bad, but I haven’t had a hair cut in two years!!!
I did cut some layers into my grown out bob a month ago.
That doesn’t really count.

After getting out of the hospital with my first Multiple Sclerosis flare-up, I got my hair cut.
And haven’t since.
For the first year, every day was a struggle punctuated by simple joys of family and writing. But as far as being the old me, my formerly active, thin, cute hair most of the time self…It wasn’t happening.

I’m finally getting back to feeling like myself (after countless false starts) and realize I need a haircut.
My best “do” is the bob, which I think can only return to once I lose the weight I gained…That’s right fellow housewives, I didn’t gain baby weight, I gained MS weight.

And now it must go–together with the hair…

So excuse my occasional weight update posts.
I know they are in some ways superficial,
but for me will mean so much more.

24 thoughts on “Hair or There?

  1. Kathie, yes you must treat yourself to a haircut, for goodness sake! (Can we swear on this site???!!!! Sorry so tired tonight!). Ok, first it is the underwear issue which I hope you solved by now. Then not getting a haircut for 2 years?! 2 years?! I once went 8 months without one, but never 2 years. And the bob, hmmmm. How will you do it? You don’t want to look like a typical housewife, do you? Sorry if I have offended anyone. But we all know those moms who end up looking homely. Maybe get a piecy (sp?), shaggy type of cut with long layers. I am all for “presentation.” Am I superficial?! Those who know me, please do not comment!

  2. Too late Lisa…those who know you enter in this blog (smile). Kathy, I want to see the Demi Moore I remember (heavy or not, you are still beautiful). The normal woman & mother does not wear a size 6 and if she does, she surely does not eat with her kids. Too hell with the stick thin and in with the healthy. You have to love you again (which it seems you are getting back to). Life is precious and time even more so. Focus on that. Live this life that has been given to you. Those you love you will do so no matter what shape or size you are. Yes, be healthy and be how you want to be, but reality is alot nicer when you accept it. You are not fat! You are not dumpy! I know that girl with preppy flare and Audrey Hepburn style has simply gone on hiatus for awhile! Welcome back baby! I love ya! Niki

  3. Ditto to Nicole’s comment! We love ya girl! You are beautiful. And Nicole is right, who can be stick-thin and eat with your kids. It is so hard to find time to even plan meals so I just eat whatever Kate is having. I have issues with food, so maybe I can’t give advice.
    And by the way, I was just kidding about me being superficial! I am not Nicole!

  4. Right Lisa…we still LOVE ya baby! Know let’s move on to shopping and clothes. Dilema. People in the field of education are truely trying to bring professionalism (ya know what I mean Lisa). Many people in our county have declined in the dressing for work department. Teachers have been asked to dress with some sharpness. You are seen and treated differently when you do so. Questions have come up within our building. Some people feel others are making dressing for work a competition. Why is this occurring? Is it because some people are slaves to fashion (keeping up with the Jones?). Hell, I love fashion and will copy a style in a heartbeat. But it has never been about outdoing others, it’s been about emulated a certain style (Hepburn, Ralph Lauren, the classics, tradition). It comforts me. When people associate a certain style with me and get it right, it’s ok! I could care less about a label….although I can identify one a mile away. How can you get others to realize, it’s not about going to the best stores and becoming a hangar. It’s about presenting yourself in a manner that deserves respect, emulates professionalism and success and belief and confidence in what you do. Whatcha thinkin’? Any comments from the peanut gallory?

  5. Okay an entry from the diary of a mad female assistant principal…you are right. Clothes make a statement about a person–as long as it’s not all that is considered. I know you aren’t suffering from fashion envy as much as fashion surplus…how you even decide what to wear each day I’ll never know. You’re not wearing suits with flip-flops are you?

  6. One more thought for Lisa especially–I can’t really get any kind of piecy, shaggy, do that requires work. That’s why the bob was always good–no work except a simple blow dry…they can do an updated one…thanks for having faith in my hair style prowess, but there is simply no hard data upon which to base your confidence.

  7. Totally understand your point…a hair-do without work is a must for moms. Sure, get an updated bob…just make sure they can make it edgy and fun!

  8. Kathie, I finally find a moment to comment and there’s a posting on a favorite subject of mine, hairstyles! Wanted to let you know that I LOVE you with a bob. I am so jealous that my hair looks like a mushroom when I attempt one but, you have the perfect hair for one. I was so glad to read this posting and to hear that you are feeling so much better. You are beautiful, always have been. More importantly you are smart, insightful, and kind. I am so proud of you.

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