Super Sunday in Pittsburgh…

Some little thoughts and observations:

How do you know it’s forty-five degrees in Pittsburgh? Every other person you see is wearing shorts while shoveling his/her snow.

How do you know the Steelers are in the Superbowl on a given Super Sunday? Every store in the Pittsburgh metro area is cleared out by 2:30pm and every store has a sign on the door saying they’ll be closed at exactly 5:59pm. They don’t even threaten people to get the hell out of the stores like that on Christmas.

I feel bad that the Steelers have to play the Cardinals today. I can’t think of another team that the Cardinals could play today that I wouldn’t root against–any of the others I’d be happy to see lose to the Big Red Birds.

But, here I am, looking at the Cardinal team roster–Wisenhunt–coaching, Grim–coaching, Breaston (Woodland Hills HS–cheesy to know that, but hey it’s Western PA) and Fitzgerald receiving (I mean seriously, anyone eductated at all in University of Pittsburgh football history knows the tremendous joy Larry Fitz brought the town every weekend–he is an artist) Gerald Hayes (ditto on the Pitt reference–nothing like a good defense), Brian St. Pierre…and I can’t help wanting the Steelers to play some other team.

What great stories for all of those Cardinals and yet I have to wish they lose and during the game, I won’t feel a bit of remorse in their bad fortune. Yeah, okay, that’s not totally true…if those commentators start in on all their goopy heart-wrenching details of every last one of their lives I may feel a twinge of "ahhh, boy that’s nice…" but my empathetic mood won’t last long–I’m ready for it.

My sister lives in AZ and hosts a superbowl party every year…well, let’s just say she’s nice. Nicer than me.

Pittsburghers are weird. Nine people (and their weird families) told me they are watching the game with their immediate families and no one else.  I’m right there with them. Bill and I love to watch the game at home, no party, no excess anything (oh, all right, maybe some extra Pringles)…BUT this year he had to take a flight to CA for work so I’m with the kids and that’s a little too alone to watch the SuperBowl–no offense to the kids, but…so…we’re going to a SB party at one of my son’s classmate’s house. I decided at the last minute I have to spend at least a little bit of time with some nutty people other than myself. Seventy-five people at least the mom says.   A little out of my league, but we’ll go for an hour. I’ll keep you posted.

Go Steelers in ‘at.!



4 thoughts on “Super Sunday in Pittsburgh…

  1. Well, it was a big one and I have a big photo, but can’t find my cord that transfers the images from my camera to the computer–see what you get when you clean your office??? Yay, Steelers–good game Cardinals.

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  3. I am right there with you Kathie… We like to be able to watch the game. We stayed home and enjoyed every minute of it. What a game!!

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