A bunch of little things…

The Basketball Chronicles:

Just to update everyone on the basketball saga, I will say, there has been some improvement made. Does Jake’s team (Penn State they’re called) threaten to demolish the post-season hopes of North Carolina or Syracuse? No. Of course the answer’s no.

Fox Chapel’s own Syracuse and North Carolina play like men and though Jake now throws around a bit of defense and can pass the ball to his own teammates, Syracuse and N.C. are safe in the promise they’ll be playing each other in the championship game.

But, it was funny last night. Penn State did not dazzle Syracuse with blinding skill and full-court presses, but they did manage to confuse the ‘Cuse with their inability to play. It was quite funny. I was actually howling at one point watching Sryacuse become frustrated with their lack of performance–they were utterly stymied by Penn State’s clumsiness, awkward shots, and defense that actually resembles linebackers on a quarterback more than smooth, slick, takeaways more commonly seen in B-ball. Who knew being bad could be so powerful?

Not to get too sidetracked, Syracuse still kicked their asses, but hey, baby steps and all that.

The Bob Chronicles:

So you’re wondering what Bob the dog is up to? Well, he escaped his death this week–sentenced by Bill and pardoned by me. Bob is a big puppy, but as it happens with kids all the time, the bigger the kid, the more adults expect from them. Bill forgot for a while that his dog is a PUPPY! His biggest area of trouble is not with the typical puppy things–eating furniture, shoes, people, crapping in the house, peeing on the hardwoods, pulling on the leash and whatnot–no, his claim to bad-behavior fame is that he loves to eat paper. Toilet paper, copy paper, mail (which I’m not totally opposed to as I hate the mail)…the list goes on. We have paper in places that I apparently ignore until we trace the trail back to the counter that Bob is too small to get up to…uh, that was last week. He’s big and is gaining access to paper in new and better ways each day. Maybe he’s actually a reincarnated best-selling author who just needs to get his story out, damn-it! Next up in the Bob Chronicles? Bob and his brother (his real dog brother)  hump each other while my kids and his brother’s owner’s kids watch, offering commentary on just what it is they’re seeing. Stay tuned.

The Burgler Chronicles:

You didn’t know there was a set of burgler chronicles, did ya? Well there is and it’s taking Oakmont by storm. How could we possibly have people here who might want to take things that are not theirs? Oh, the humanity. The townspeople are going ape-shit over the intruders.

Don’t get me wrong. I lock my door when I walk the dog, now. I lock the door when I leave and when I’m in the house (the perps are entering homes with the owners there, burgling right under their noses). And, I’ve put on my best Nancy Drew hat and have taken to the neighborhood, watching, and waiting and spying on anyone who drives past my house and looks a little odd, or not odd enough.

And I’m not the only one. My neighbor prefers to refer to herself as more Cagney and Lacy than Nancy Drew, but the point is, people are sneaking around, watching people as they’re watching people….and on it goes. Yes, Cagney up the street actually spotted a stranger in the hood and forced her husband to follow him while she called the coppers. Turns out hubby was following a plain-clothed cop. LOVE IT!!!!

We’ve got a tail on a greenish-blue pickup truck taking the bends perfectly around the circle, very, very suspicious. And, stranger than anything, I spotted a woman in yoga pants, no walkman/ipod, a black hat ,and black pea-coat. That is not normal exercise attire. I’m sorry it just isn’t. She’s on the list, baby. We’re watchin’ the hood and takin’ names so keep your distance. Hahahahaha.

That is it for now…

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