Name That Thing…


DSC02914, originally uploaded by kathieshoop.

Or things, as today’s game shows.
What on earth do you see here?
You must go into the head of a Lego Star Wars obsessed boy’s head and imagine what these creatures are.
Ah, I gave you a hint…

Happy Administration Switch Day!

4 thoughts on “Name That Thing…

  1. Not Star Wars obsessed, but I’ll admit to playing quite a few too many hexagon tile war games in my youth. Still would if I had the time.

    He’s not trying to recreate the battle scene on Hoth (from The Empire Strikes Back) by any chance, is he?

  2. Ray, you are close in that it is a battle–what in Star WARS isn’t??? But no…good guess.

    Struggling writer–you are closer yet since you named a particular thing in SWs. HINT–these things are machine but inspired by something found in nature right here and now!

  3. Okay, good guesses I must admit…but you are wrong! They are spider droids. I love those legos and I have to say I love that Jake combines other building materials into the play…those things entertain him for hours. Good investment if your kid likes them. Thanks for guessing.

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