January Bliss…


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Seriously, January in a place where it barely gets out of the thirties isn’t so bad. The benefits are huge:
1. the kids FINALLY get “back” into the swing of going to sleep early and easily…yes, for my kids it takes four months to recover from staying up late in the summer. So, I have about six weeks before it all goes to hell.

2. even if I’m too tired to produce something creative or useful each night, I can take the opportunity to read and live inside someone else’s art for a while…

3. I appreciate more than words can say, not having to show up places constantly because everyone thinks they need to have a picnic every other day. I love that even the extroverts hole up in January around here.

4. I have a chance to throw useless stuff out or give it away because I’m actually looking at it…

How do you like January?

4 thoughts on “January Bliss…

  1. Make it go away! Seriously! If I could stay home and read and sort through my stuff, it might be different. But I have to drive to work everyday in January in the dark and home mostly in the dark and sometimes in yucky weather on icy roads. So, make it go away!

  2. How do I like January? In the rear view mirror! I like the cold, but when the high is expressed as a negative number for the better part of a week straight it gets silly.

    People in parts of the state went for up to TWO WEEKS without electricity. Really nice for those with baseboard heat. We’ve dodged that bullet so far but one of these years…

  3. Yay — you’re blogging again!

    It’s not that bad here. My students amuse me by insisting that it’s frigidly cold here (don’t ask — it’s not, or at least not compared to Pittsburgh) and insist on having the heating turned on full blast. I take sadistic pleasure in making them turn it off.

  4. Anti-wife–I didn’t realize you had to skirt such bad roads!!! When I have to work out of the house I work at a school so there’s always a chance that if it’s bad I’ll have a delay or no school…so no bad roads for me! Hang in there.
    Ray, I agree with you. I love the cold weather, but -7 is not good. Around thirty and I’m loving it.
    Mary, that’s hilarious. I went to Florida in December once and I was running in shorts (it was 65 degrees) and I kept passing these women walking in fur coats…everything is relative I suppose.

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